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Computer Vision and Machine Learning Solutions

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Fast Development

1 week from concept to working prototype

object detection

Object Detection

See more than human auditors are capable of

image classification

Image Classification

Automate tasks that once took many hours


Satellite Image Analysis

25 cm maximum satellite image resolution

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Case StudiesSee more

Preserving Wildlife With Computer Vision
Generating Human Motion
Monitoring The Arctic Ocean
3D Characters From 2D Artists’ Sketches
Smart Cameras – Insights Into Ecosystems
  • Computer Vision
  • Open Source
  • Wildlife Conservation

Preserving Wildlife With Computer Vision

Mbaza is used in the national parks of Gabon to help protect and monitor their pristine ecosystems. It is powered by image classification models, allowing the ecologists and park rangers to tap into insights from the data collected by camera traps. Using their existing equipment, they can process the data within a day. Without the tool, this typically took a month. Read more

Mbaza Golden Cat - Computer Vision Camera Trap
  • Generative Adversarial Networks
  • Human Motion
  • Research and Development

Generating Human Motion

In this research and development project, we partnered with a renowned motion capture studio and experts in human motion analysis. We developed algorithms generating human motion while controlling the emotional flavor of it. We achieved results reaching beyond the state of the art, in both speed and accuracy. Paper in preparation.

Rigplay screenshot of mesh over stick figure - rigplay
  • Computer Vision
  • Data4Good
  • Image Segmentation

Monitoring The Arctic Ocean

The vitality of plankton is a crucial window into the health of the Arctic ocean. We have developed methods of assessing the nutritive value of plankton using Image Segmentation, which opens the possibility of monitoring the Arctic oceans’ ecosystem on a large scale. This is particularly important in the era of accelerated shifts caused by the climate crisis. Read more

Copepods from the Arctic Ocean - monitoring health of ocean with machine learning
  • 3D graphics
  • Computer Vision
  • Research & Development

3D Characters From 2D Artists’ Sketches

A Machine Learning engine of a platform allowing swift design of 3D characters based on a 2D vision by an artist. The process of creating 3D characters following the creators' ideas is shortened from weeks to minutes. We combined various computer vision techniques and worked closely with graphic designers, 3D sculptors, and animators. Read more

  • Computer Vision
  • Realtime Image Classification
  • Wildlife Conservation

Smart Cameras – Insights Into Ecosystems

With smart cameras, it becomes feasible to monitor remote ecosystems in real-time. This makes it possible to, e.g., alert farmers in Central Africa that Elephants are about to intrude in their fields before it happens. We have prepared Computer Vision models which were utilized in the smart cameras tested in Central Africa. Read more

Mbaza elephant - smart cameras


What Our Clients Say

Grzegorz Jakacki

CTO at Lasy i Obywatele

I can attest to exceptionally professional and effective workflow and great project management at Appsilon.

Robin Whytock

Research Fellow, University of Stirling
University of Stirling

[Appsilon] is able to understand project needs and to develop innovative solutions that we had not previously envisioned.

Profile image of Enginious CEO, Piotr Kocel

Piotr Kocel

CEO at Enginious
Enginious company logo

We’re impressed that they are results-oriented.

Prof Frederic Maps profile

Frederic Maps

Associate Professor, Université Laval
Université Laval logo

Their genuine curiosity and impressive ability to adapt to our needs were outstanding!

Matt Lewis

CEO, Data Analytics Platform Provider

We were impressed with the professionalism of the team and their project management style.

  • Appsilon IRCAI UNESCO Global Top 100 Outstanding Project Award
  • Appsilon Clutch Business Reviews Award


Research Papers from Team Appsilon

British Ecological Society logo

Real-time alerts from AI-enabled camera traps using the Iridium satellite network: a case-study in Gabon, Central Africa

10 November, 2021

Read Paper
British Ecological Society logo

Robust ecological analysis of camera trap data labelled by a machine learning model

19 February, 2021

Read Paper
Royal Statistical Society logo

Non-separable spatio-temporal models via transformed multivariate Gaussian Markov random fields

23 May, 2022

Read Paper
Oxford Academic Society logo

Alleviating spatial confounding in frailty models

19 July, 2022

Read Paper


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