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FDA Pilot 2 Shiny App (with Rhino)
Gosling.js Genomics in Shiny
Johns Hopkins Lyme Disease
Palantir Blueprint UI in Shiny
Microsoft Fluent UI in Shiny
  • FDA
  • Rhino
  • teal

FDA Pilot 2 Shiny App (with Rhino)

A Rhino reproduction of the RConsortium's FDA Pilot 2 submission app. For more information, read the Advancing FDA Clinical Trial Submissions with R post.

RConsortium's FDA Pilot 2 Submission based on Rhino framework
  • Gosling.js
  • shiny.gosling
  • shiny.react

Gosling.js Genomics in Shiny

A Shiny application showcasing the shiny.gosling R Shiny wrapper for Gosling.js - a grammar-based tookit for scalable and interactive genomics data visualization.

Gosling Genomics visualization dashboard in R Shiny wrapper for Gosling.js - Grammar-based Toolkit for Scalable and Interactive Genomics Data Visualization
  • echarts4r
  • modules
  • rmarkdown

Johns Hopkins Lyme Disease

An AAG Health Data Visualization 2022 Award Winner - this dynamic and interactive data explorer visualizes Lyme and other tick-borne diseases in the United States. Access the public version at the Johns Hopkins University Lyme Tracker.

Johns Hopkins Health Data Visualization AAG Award Winning Shiny App
  • shiny.blueprint
  • shiny.react

Palantir Blueprint UI in Shiny

A Shiny Blueprint dashboard leveraging Blueprint UI, a powerful React-based UI tookit from Palantir for an impressive look with a professional feel.

Palantir's Blueprint UI in a Shiny dashboard
  • shiny.fluent
  • shiny.react
  • shiny.router

Microsoft Fluent UI in Shiny

A Shiny dashboard leveraging Fluent UI - a powerful Microsoft library. By using shiny.react and shiny.fluent, you can combine Microsoft's impressive looks with the power of Shiny for a truly professional Shiny experience.

Microsoft Fluent UI R Shiny Dashboard


What Our Clients Say

Petter Arnestad

Petter Arnestad

CEO at Storekeeper

The [Appsilon] team took our Shiny app to a new level. Everything was delivered on time and within budget. We highly recommend Appsilon as a professional business partner in Shiny and R-related projects.

Franciszek Gregorkiewicz

Franciszek Gregorkiewicz

Managing Partner at Triple A

Appsilon allowed us to migrate a specialized spreadsheet model into a collaborative web application. [The platform] gave our clients a unique tool enabling fulfillment of quantitative requirements of the Solvency II Directive in effective and user-friendly manner.

John Dannberg

Managing Director at The Boston Consulting Group
The Boston Consulting Group

[Appsilon] proved to be an excellent business partner. Their high technical skill set coupled with a solid business understanding made the cooperation flawless. Appsilon was flexible with tight schedules. It took us one month to get from sketch to a working application.

Marc Robitzcat

Global Director of Marketing Technology at Diversey
Diversey logo

The team at Appsilon has been a great complement to our own internal data science team. Their work has proven to be valuable in Diversey's development of data-driven solutions to satisfy the demands of our global customers.

Kenneth Benoit

Founder of Quanteda

They were highly organized throughout the entire process, and we were very impressed with that aspect of the work.

Asjad Naqvi

Research Scholar at IIASA
iiasa logo

I always got an immediate response from Appsilon.

Cara Wychgram

Research Data Analyst at Johns Hopkins University

We were really happy with Appsilon. They were always in communication with us.

Ruben Props


The collaboration felt natural and we had great confidence in the technical proficiency of the Appsilon team.

Grzegorz Jakacki

CTO at Lasy i Obywatele

I can attest to exceptionally professional and effective workflow and great project management at Appsilon.

Profile image of Enginious CEO, Piotr Kocel

Piotr Kocel

CEO at Enginious
Enginious company logo

We’re impressed that they are results-oriented.

Prof Frederic Maps profile

Frederic Maps

Associate Professor, Université Laval
Université Laval logo

Their genuine curiosity and impressive ability to adapt to our needs were outstanding!

Matt Lewis

CEO, Data Analytics Platform Provider

We were impressed with the professionalism of the team and their project management style.

Robin Whytock

Research Fellow, University of Stirling
University of Stirling

[Appsilon] is able to understand project needs and to develop innovative solutions that we had not previously envisioned.

Sergey Fogelson

Sergey Fogelson

VP at Viacom

We are big fans of [Appsilon's] shiny.semantic package and have used it to make our dashboards not ugly here at Viacom. Thanks for that!

Will Palmer

Data Scientist at TA Associates

Their workflow was very easy and efficient.

Thomas Ko

CEO of NAMU Systems

I strongly underpin their major assets as professionals and co-workers: extremely flexible and adaptive to the cutting-edge technologies combined with maintaining top quality code. Needless to say, we are deeply satisfied with the results of our cooperation.

  • Appsilon Deloitte Fast 50 Technology 2020 CE Laureate Award
  • Appsilon IRCAI UNESCO Global Top 100 Outstanding Project Award
  • Appsilon Clutch Business Reviews Award
  • Appsilon Strong leaders Creator in IT 2020 Award
Shiny Enterprise Dashboard - Shiny Demo

R Shiny Consultants

We create, maintain, and develop Shiny applications for enterprise customers all over the world. Appsilon provides scalability, security, and modern UI/UX with custom R packages that native Shiny apps do not provide. Our team is among the world’s foremost experts in R Shiny and has made a variety of Shiny innovations over the years. Appsilon is a proud Posit (RStudio) Full Service Certified Partner.

Some services we provide include:

  • Rapid dashboard development
  • Support of full-stack engineers (from setting up a Shiny server to UX optimization)
  • DevOps support & advisory for all Posit products
  • Machine learning solutions
  • Advanced statistical models

Posit Full Service Certified Partner

As a Posit Certified Partner, we can deploy your data products with RStudio (Posit) Server Pro, RStudio (Posit) Connect, or RStudio (Posit) Package Manager. Overall, we have the expertise and ability to assist all project stages with advanced decision support systems and ongoing support for servers and infrastructure.

R Shiny Development Process

Appsilon's development process is unique in our combination of unmatched rapid development and the high code quality of the solutions we deliver. As a result, we deliver world-class Shiny applications faster than other vendors. Ultimately, lowering the overall cost of development and improving time to deployment. We use continuous collaboration with clients, end-to-end testing, and automated processes to streamline the development process. Our team can step in at every phase of a Shiny project, starting from business analysis and data science consulting to code refactoring.

Shiny Open Source Contributions

We've also created our own R packages that make R Shiny apps more beautiful, dynamic, and secure. Our packages have been downloaded 276,000+ times and have 2,000+ stars on GitHub. We develop and scale Shiny apps for enterprise customers that are capable of thousands of simultaneous users and can operate on a distributed infrastructure.


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