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Appsilon Data Science is now an RStudio (Posit) Full Service Certified Partner

Appsilon is officially an RStudio (Posit) Full Service Certified Partner.

the Appsilon team and the RStudio president

Left to Right: Pedro Silva (Appsilon), Damian Rodziewicz (Appsilon), Tareef Kawaf (RStudio [Posit]), Paweł Przytuła (Appsilon)

We now provide support services for existing R Shiny applications, Plumber APIs, and RStudio (Posit) infrastructure. Further, we officially provide Managed Services for the R environment. This means that we can handle ongoing support for your servers and infrastructure to keep applications running smoothly.  If you are interested in learning more about these services, please reach out!

Partnership with RStudio (Posit)

This partnership with RStudio solidifies our position as one of the leaders in the R Shiny space. Building advanced Decision Support Systems has been a part of our path since we started.

RStudio (Posit) Full Service Certified Partners resell RStudio professional products and employ RStudio certified R administrators and/or R user instructors who offer training, implementation, management, and development services that help customers succeed with R and RStudio.

This partnership is a natural step for us, as we have been R evangelists since the first days of our company. We have even worked side by side with RStudio (Posit) on many occasions with different clients.

We also share core values with RStudio – a passion for community, open source, and empowering data scientists and companies everywhere. We both love to conference and share what we’ve learned in our day-to-day work, whether that’s in person or via virtual webinars. The broader community benefits from this cooperation as well. Our open-source packages have been downloaded over 40,000 times and are praised by companies like Viacom and BCG.

Note: At the time of writing this article, Posit PBC was RStudio PBC. We use RStudio and Posit interchangeably in this text (e.g. RStudio Connect == Posit Connect).

RStudio (Posit) services and tooling

Becoming a Full Service Certified Partner with RStudio fortifies the communication between our companies so that we can better serve our clients and help them with every step of the RStudio product implementation process. Some RStudio products that we can help you with include:

RStudio (Posit) Connect

RStudio Connect is a publishing platform that will boost your R workflow with a click of a button. Publish your Shiny applications, R Markdown reports & dashboards, Plumber APIs, Python notebooks, and more in one convenient IT-managed location. Periodic reports can be scheduled with just several clicks.

RStudio (Posit) Package Manager

RStudio Package Manager is a repository management server optimized for R and RStudio. It allows you to organize, search, and browse R packages within your team and across your organization. Access all of CRAN or define curated subsets. Add your local packages and packages from Github. Control and manage all of the packages that your data scientists and data products depend on.

Shiny Server

Shiny Server (Shiny Server Pro) is intended for projects requiring pure Shiny work. This is a field-tested solution that can be readily scaled up and down. Shiny Server Pro doesn’t have all the features that you get with Connect, but if your use case doesn’t require RStudio Connect, then Shiny Server Pro might be a more economical solution. As with all other R products, we are happy to help with Shiny Server Pro.

RStudio (Posit) Partner and Reseller – R Shiny consulting

Moving forward, we will continue to develop R Shiny applications for the data science and business communities alongside Posit (RStudio). This will translate into a new, higher level of quality for our clients. From now on, we will not only advise on solutions but also optimize their license and maintenance costs.

What it means to be an RStudio (Posit) Certified Partner

As you might know, we build decision support systems for enterprises and other types of organizations, such as the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA). We recently built a Shiny dashboard that will help IIASA understand and visualize natural disaster risk in Madagascar. Last year we also built R Shiny projects for Fortune 500 companies (including companies in the pharmaceutical, insurance, and logistics industries) and for universities and educational organizations such as the London School of Economics. We intend to continue these endeavors in the future.

We are happy to continue to offer services associated with setting up a production environment and a set of post-implementation support options such as development support, hosting, and administration services.

I am very excited about our collaboration with the RStudio team, and we look forward to fruitful cooperation in the future!

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